How to attend/view the SEIJIN-shiki USA, the 3rd annual US-Japan Friendship Coming of Age celebration?

PLEASE REGISTER! Attend virtually from anywhere in the USA. Registration is required to enjoy the special new SEIJIN perks. The new SEIJIN session starts at 1 pm (PST) /4 pm (EST) on ZOOM.
Please register now!

★New SEIJIN qualification★
You do not need to be Japanese to be recognized as SEIJIN!
We welcome any US residents who were born between January 2000 and March 2002.

【General Audience 】
NO REGISTRATION IS NEEDED! Everyone is welcome to view the SEIJIN-shiki celebration on YouTube Livestream starting at 1:20 pm (PST)/4:20 pm (EST).
We have a surprise guest pianist’s message & performance only for Livestream. Don’t miss it out!