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The 2nd annual  “SEIJIN-Shiki, ”
on January 17, 2021 Register now!

Step into adulthood the Japanese way!
JIA Foundation will host the second annual SEIJIN-shiki, the US-Japan Friendship Coming of Age Celebration, on January 17, 2021.
Due to COVID-19, the ceremony will be held virtually.  

We are encouraging new SEIJIN to register today!

登録先着 200名限定に記念品も用意していますので、いますぐ参加申し込みを!

Early Registration Benefits:

Weekly raffle until December 6

Each week, we’ll choose one winner from all the people who have registered.

If you’ve already registered, you’ll be automatically entered in the raffle. The sooner you register,  the more likely you are to get a prize!
Drawings on Nov.22, 29 and Dec.6.

Week 1 Prize: Drawing on Nov.22
Pure Invention: How Japan’s pop culture conquered the world

Published in June 2020, learn about the latest Japanese pop culture and how it is evolving!

Check week 2 and week 3 prizes here!

First 200 registrants receive original SEIJIN certificates  and more!

First 200 registrants will receive a SEIJIN certificate issued by the JIA Foundation, a printed copy of SEIJIN-shiki program and a SEIJIN-shiki memento  to commemorate their participation.

Submission of childhood photos to be  incorporated in the celebration video

For the “20 year reflection” portion of our video that will be presented at the celebration, we will include participants’ childhood photos–5 people  per year (birth to 19years old) . Photos will be accepted on a first- come,  first- served basis.

Register now to enjoy the full experience of SEIJIN-shiki USA! Click here for online registration

US-Japan Friendship Coming of Celebration is endorsed by Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle, Japan Foundation and Japan Business Association of Seattle.

Celebration Highlights:

  • Meet fellow SEIJIN across the United States, virtually.
  • Create a community of SEIJIN 2021
  • Celebrity Video Messages
  • Guest Speakers
  • Kimono presentation
  • Performances

Previous celebration: http://seijinusa.org/2020-celebration/

US-Japan Friendship Coming of Age Celebration details: http://seijinusa.org/
Date: Sunday, January 17,2021 3pm-4pm (Pacific Time)

Welcoming new SEIJIN, young adults, born between January 1999 and March 2001, and live in the USA. 

Pre-registration required for new SEIJIN.
Please register here:

Planning is underway and updates will be made on our website. http://seijinusa.org/ and social media @SeijinUSA   
For more information, please contact seijin@japaneseinamerica.org

About JIA Foundation
The JIA Foundation was founded in 2014 to meet the needs of the current wave of Japanese immigrants and expats who benefit greatly from Japanese language specific services. “JIA” is an acronym which stands for Japanese in America. We define “JIA” as those of any race and nationality who appreciate Japanese culture and values. Community, Education and Identity are the key components of JIA programs. JIA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) NPO and operated solely by volunteers.