SEIJIN-shiki USA, 2021 US-Japan Friendship Coming of Age Celebration Details

Let us introduce the day of the event program.
If you have registered as new SEIJIN, please join ZENZA starting 30 minute prior to the ceremony. Special new SEIJIN ZOOM access should be sent to you beforehand. For the rest of audience, please view via YouTube Livestream

SEIJIN-shiki USA Ceremony

Sunday, January 17, 2021 3 pm (PST) / 6pm (EST)
Monday, January 18 2021 8am (Japan Time)

Natalie Newcomb
SEIJIN-shiki USA 2021 Committee
Student at Washington State University

Manami Honda
Chair, SEIJIN-shiki USA 2021 Committee

Greetings from JIA Foundation
Megumi Ijiri Haskinいじりめぐみ
President, JIA Foundation

Congratulations to SEIJIN祝辞

Consul General Hisao Inagaki在シアトル日本国総領事 稲垣久生
Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle

Lori Matsukawaローリー・マツカワ
Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington
Board member

Kimono Presentation
Kimono Art

SENPAI Messages先輩メッセージ

Naoko Yamazaki山崎直子
Onboard the space shuttle Discovery with the crew of STS-131, an assembly & resupply mission to the International Space Station
The second Japanese woman to fly in space
Co-founder of Space Port Japan Association

Takashi Saito斎藤孝
Former career businessman turned doctor
Infectious Disease Specialist in Neptune, NJ
Fighting on the COVID-19 frontline to save lives

Kanako Kitao Spendlove北尾佳奈子
Synchronized Swimmer 2004 Olympics – Silver Medalist in Team Routine for Japan. 2014 FINA World Masters Championships – Gold Medalist in Solo Routine for USA. ‘O’ by Cirque du Soleili performer for 14+ years

Shinji Maeda前田伸二
Lost sight of right eye in a car accident as a teenager in Japan Overcame the handicap and became “One Eyed Pilot” in the USA Aero Zypangu Project Earthrounder Mission to take place in 2021

Ai Morita森田愛
Working for United Nations Headquarters Department of Peace Operation(DPO) in New York Former assignment at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Malawi. Earned Master’s degree in Sustainable International Development

Special Performance

Nick and Zack Gallagherニック&ザック・ギャラガー
Professional Kendama Players

Speeches from New SEIJIN新成人スピーチ

Yushi Nakaoka中岡有詞
SEIJIN-shiki USA 2021 Committee
Student at University of Washington

Alyssa Kuraishi
SEIJIN-shiki USA 2021 Committee
Student at University of Washignton

Special Performance
Acappela Group from University of Washingon・ワシントン大学アカペラグループ

SEIJIN Recognition新成人紹介
100+ SEIJINs

Natalie Newcomb

New SEIJIN with special ZOOM access continues to NIJIKAI(2次会)for social time with games, prizes and conversations.